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Leonard Rosoman OBE RA RP RWA (1913-2012)

Henry Leonard Rosoman, OBE RA RP RWA (1913-2012)

‘As an artist and a teacher, Leonard Rosoman was greatly influential. He showed the dramatic possibilities of white space and areas of intense shadow in drawing. Rosoman accomplished the difficult feat of being both a truly great black and white illustrator working in the commercial sphere, and a distinguished fine artist ... He is a wonderful colourist, consolidating his abilities as a draughtsman with a highly sophisticated use of the medium of paint. Scale, too, is never a problem, whether Rosoman is creating a tiny vignette for Radio Times or a vast mural for the Royal Academy, the space is designed and tensioned as exquisitely as in any Japanese image.’ (Martin Baker, Artists of Radio Times, Oxford: Ashmolean Museum/London: Chris Beetles Ltd, 2002, page 35)

Leonard Rosoman was born in West Hampstead, London, on 27 October 1913, the only child of the removals contractor, Henry Edward Rosoman, and his wife, Lilian (née Spencer).

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