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Samuel Prout OWS AA (1783-1852)

Samuel Prout, OWS AA (1783-1853)

Despite persistent ill health, Samuel Prout developed as a highly distinctive topographical artist and undertook regular sketching tours, first in Britain and later on the Continent. The resulting images of ancient buildings at their most picturesque were highly popular and influential – as exhibition watercolours and, especially, lithographic illustrations.

Samuel Prout was born at Trevil Street, Plymouth, Devon, on 17 September 1783, the fourth of fourteen children of a shopkeeper and naval outfitter. As a child, he suffered from severe sunstroke, which gave him violent headaches for the remainder of his life. They were so
debilitating that he had to take to his bed once or twice a week until his marriage in 1810. He was also victim to chronic lung congestion.

Prout made sketches and copied prints as a young child, and received encouragement from his headmaster, the Rev John Bidlake, when he
attended Plymouth Grammar School.

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