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Roland Batchelor RWS (1889-1990)

Bernard William Roland Batchelor, RWS (1889-1990)

Roland Batchelor’s primary subject was ordinary French life presented with a warmth and sharpness of vision. The results were as close to Gallic film comedies as to the work of his two favourite artists, Daumier and Toulouse-Lautrec.

Roland Batchelor was born in Chelsea on 16 October 1889. He drew and painted from an early age, and established his primary subject from a school trip to France: a relaxed view of life in the country comparable to French film comedies and work of Daumier and Lautrec. He entered the Civil Service in 1905, and attended evening classes given by
Punch artist George Morrow at the Putney School of Art; his comic contributions to the Civil Service Opinion were obviously influenced by Morrow’s teaching. After serving in France and Italy during the First World War, he studied under Harry Watson at the Regent Street Polytechnic; at the same time, he discovered a volume on Rembrandt which helped him to develop hid characteristically lively line.

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