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John Cuthbert Walker (1892-1981)

John Cuthbert Walker (1892-1981)

John Cuthbert Walker was a popular interwar cartoonist whose work became much coveted by Fleet Street. However, he chose to spend his career working in his native Cardiff, shunning what he termed the ‘rat race’ of London.

John Cuthbert Walker was born in Cardiff. Between the ages of six and fourteen, he spent his summers living in the Glamorgan countryside with his aunt, where he first developed his desire to become an artist. At the age of 16, on his father’s insistence, he was apprenticed to a marine engineering firm, before joining the army at the age of 19 and training as a rifle marksman at the National Shooting Centre at Bisley. He continued to draw regularly and a few months before the outbreak of the First World War, he entered and won a sketching competition to design an advert for Cherry Blossom Boot Polish.

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