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Stanley Anderson CBE RA RE (1884-1966)

Alfred Charles Stanley Anderson, RA RE (1884-1966)

The printmaker and painter, Stanley Anderson, was a major figure in the revival of line engraving between the wars. Though a long career allowed for a diverse range of subjects, his skill was displayed particularly well in a series of prints of farm workers and rural craftsmen.

Stanley Anderson was born at 11 North Road, Bristol, on 11 May 1884, the son of the general and heraldic engraver, Alfred Ernest Anderson, and his wife, Emma Bessie (née Mitchell). He had a twin sister, Rosa, and a younger sister, Irene.

Anderson attended the Merchant Venturers’ Technical College, Bristol, and, while there, determined to become an artist. Somewhat against his will, he became apprenticed to his father at the age of 15 but, as a result, learned the founding skill of his art: engraving on metal with precision. Out of the meagre earnings of an apprentice, he paid to attend a weekly evening class at Bristol Municipal School of Art, and study under its Principal, the painter-engraver, Reginald Bush.

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