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Tony Wysard (1907-1984)

Roy Alexander Edward Antonio Wysard (1907-1984), known as Anthony, Antony and Tony Wysard

The cartoonist and illustrator,Tony Wysard, is best remembered for the society caricatures that he contributed to many leading periodicals before and after the Second World War. The most impressive of these – as with the present example – are in full colour and contain large groups of personalities.

Tony Wysard was born in Pangbourne, Berkshire, on 18 September 1907, one of two children of Walter Wysard, a merchant and director of a number of companies, and his wife, Delia, who as Delia Mason had been an actress and singer. Educated at Harrow, he began to learn accountancy in the City, before deciding that he would rather work as an artist. While employed as the secretary to Phormium Cavity Blocks Limited, in the late 1920s, he began to contribute caricatures to many leading magazines and newspapers, including
The Bystander, the Daily and Sunday Express, Harper’s Bazaar, The Sphere and The Tatler. Many of the best of these appeared in ‘Caricatures and Cartoons of People of Importance’, a solo show at Walker’s Galleries, Bond Street, in November 1936.

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