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Patrick Wright (born 1945)

Patrick Wright (Born 1945)

Patrick Wright was born in North Wales, the son of the painter and illustrator, David Wright, and part of a largely artistic family. Educated at Barrow Hills preparatory school, Witley, Surrey and St George’s College, Weybridge, he was expelled in 1961 and spent the following decade trying to avoid a career in illustration; his resistance included working as a bookseller and a lavatory cleaner. However, on the birth of his son, he finally took to the career of his�� forefathers, illustrating a number of comics. From as recently as 1982, he has begun to emerge as one of the most original of contemporary cartoonist-illustrators, through a series of books containing meticulous, detailed drawings replete with unexpected savagery, perversity and general unpleasantness; these include Walkies (1982), Worthless Pursuits (1992), 101 Uses for John Major (1995) and Not Inconsiderable, being the Life and Times of John Major (1996). He also worked extensively in advertising and has contributed to Private Eye.

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