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Harry Tittensor RI (1887-1942)

Harry Tittensor, RI (1887-1942)

Beginning his career as a ceramic painter and designer, Harry Tittensor concentrated on oils and watercolours from 1925. He then specialised in atmospheric topographical subjects, with and without figures, seeing himself as ‘a translator of objects into light and shade, tone and colour’ (Cole, Heap and Lynn, York through the Eyes of the Railways, York: National Railway Museum, 1994, page 41).

Harry Tittensor was born in Burslem, Staffordshire, on 20 April 1887, the son of the potter, Jarvis Tittensor, and his wife Hannah (née Cliffe). He began an apprenticeship with Doulton & Co in 1900, and also received training at Burselm School of Art. Developing into one of the most versatile artists employed by Doulton, he painted figures and landscapes on vases and other ceramics and, helping to establish a new figure department with the art director, Charles Noke, he designed a number of figurines, including The Gainsborough Hat (1915). For many years, he was also a designer with the Chromo Transfer Co in Burslem.

On 25 May 1912, Tittensor married May Wright, daughter of the engineer, Elijah Wright, at Burslem Parish Church.

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