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Nick Butterworth (born 1946)

Nick Butterworth (born 1946)

Nick Butterworth has concentrated on children’s books since 1980, initially in collaboration with Mick Inkpen. He remains best known for the series featuring Percy the Park Keeper, which began in 1989 with One Snowy Night. He is now a partner in a production company, Snapper, which aims to produce high quality animation for children’s television. Q Pootle 5, a little alien character first introduced in book form in 2000, is in development.

Nick Butterworth was born in Kingsbury, North London, but moved to Romford, Essex, at the age of three when his parents took over a confectionery and newsagent. The shop gave him unlimited access to a wide range of inspiring comics, and from an early age he filled sketchbooks with cartoons.

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