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Rose Barton RWS ASWA (1856-1929)

Rose Barton (1856-1929)

Even her contemporaries appreciated the Anglo-Irish artist, Rose Barton, as the equal of Herbert Menzies Marshall in her work as an urban topographer.

Rose Barton was born in Dublin on 21 April 1856, into a wealthy Anglo-Irish family. Her father was a solicitor in Rochetown, County Tipperary. She was educated privately and studied art first in Brussels (1874), and then alongside her friend Mildred Anne Butler in Paris (under Henri Gervex) and London (under Paul Naftel). She returned to work in Dublin, and began to exhibit widely, both in Ireland (from 1878) and in mainland Britain. Her first important show was that at the Japanese Gallery, in London in 1893, which she shared with George Haité.

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