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Anthony Devis (1729-1816)

Anthony Devis (1729-1816)

Anthony Devis was a painter and draughtsman of charming landscapes inspired by Dutch and Italianate models. As a draughtsman, he produced large finished works in crayon and wash, and – as here – fresh studies in pen and ink enlivened with touches of colour.

Anthony Devis was born in Preston, Lancashire on 18 March 1729, to the councillor, Anthony Devis, and his second wife Anne. The portrait
painter, Arthur Devis, was his older half-brother.

While his training remains a mystery, Devis was certainly working as a painter in London by 1742, when he was still only thirteen. Returning
for a time to Preston, he was back in London by 1762, and living in Gloucester Street with his brother John, a silversmith and watchmaker;
a decade later he had moved to Bedford Row. He specialised in topographical paintings, which he produced in both oil and
watercolour, and exhibited – most notably – at the Free Society of Artists (1761 and 1763) and the Royal Academy of Arts (1772 and
A Cool Morning, exhibited at the Free Society in 1763, was awarded ‘The Third Premium for Landscape Painting’.

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