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Gordon Fraser (1859-1895)

George Gordon Fraser (1859-1895)

Able to match the talents of his better-known brothers in his atmospheric watercolours, Gordon Fraser also developed an independent career as a humorous illustrator – a career cut short by a fatal accident.

George Gordon Fraser was born in Cramond, Edinburgh, on 11 April 1859. The family moved to Bedford in 1861 and, eleven years later, he began to attend the local grammar school. While there, he studied art under Bradford Rudge. During his youth, he enrolled his younger brother, Anderson, and a group of mainly Scottish school friends into a band of like-minded youths called the Cudgel Community, and recorded their exploits in neatly written and illustrated books.

At the age of 18, in 1877, Gordon Fraser began to establish himself as an artist with a single watercolour at ‘The Annual Exhibition of Modern Painters’ at the
Walker Gallery, Liverpool. Four years later, he published his first illustrations – those to Wilfred Meynell’s article, ‘Little-Known Sketching Grounds’ – in
The Art Journal.

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