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The Surreal McCoy

The Surreal McCoy

‘The Surreal McCoy’ has contributed single panel cartoons, strips and illustrations to a range of publications, and has also worked as ‘cartoonist-in-residence’ on Sandi Toksvig’s LBC radio show.

The work of The Surreal McCoy has appeared in
The Sunday Times, the Evening Standard, Hampstead Village Voice, The Spectator, The Oldie, Prospect, Saga and numerous others. She has held the post of cartoonist-in-residence on Sandi Toksvig’s LBC radio show, drawing a cartoon live on air and posting to the station’s website. She has also produced illustrations for a number of books, including Sandi Toksvig’s Girls Are Best in 2008, and Alex Through the Looking Glass by Alex Bellos in 2014. She lives in North London.

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