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John Glover POWS SBA (1767-1849)

John Glover, POWS SBA (1767-1849)

John Glover rose from rural obscurity to gain a reputation as a landscape painter second only to J M W Turner. He also proved highly influential, both directly as a teacher of professionals and amateurs in England, and then as an inspiration to newly-established artists in Australia. Mastering a variety of techniques, he was able to capture a wide range of atmospheric effects, though increasingly he gave watercolour the weight and intensity of oil, in order to emulate the Claudean tradition. Most characteristic – and popular – was his use of the ‘split brush’, in which watercolour was applied briskly with divided bristles in order to represent foliage.

The son of an impoverished farmer, John Glover was born at Houghton on the Hill, Leicestershire, on 18 February 1767. He had two club feet, but worked in the fields as a youth and was extremely agile and active throughout his life.

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