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Thomas Leeson Rowbotham NWS (1823-1875)

Thomas Charles Leeson Rowbotham, NWS (1823-1875)

The painter and lithographer, Thomas Leeson Rowbotham, is best remembered for his romantic landscape watercolours inspired by his sketching tours. Early in his career, he was influenced by the work of J M W Turner and Charles Bentley, and praised by the critic, John Ruskin. Not afraid to experiment, he also developed a fascination for light, which he applied to Italian lake and coastal views, comparable to those of Thomas Miles Richardson, both senior and junior.

Thomas Leeson Rowbotham, was born in Dublin on 21 May 1823, the son of the artist, Thomas Leeson Scrase Rowbotham, and grandson of Thomas Rowbotham, who was associated with the Bath-Bristol theatre company. In 1825, the family moved to Bristol, and Scrase Rowbotham worked as a drawing master and topographical artist, providing the antiquarian, George Weare Braikenridge, with over 350 watercolours and drawings of the area. Having lived at several addresses in Bristol, Scrase was sued and committed for debt in 1833.

In about 1835, the Rowbothams moved to London, and Scrase became Professor of Drawing at the Royal Naval School, New Cross, an institution for the sons of impoverished naval officers – with his son becoming a pupil.

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