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Bernard Walter Evans RI (1848-1922)

Bernard Walter Evans, RBA RI (1843-1922)

Bernard Walter Evans painted landscapes in oil and watercolour, and most frequently depicted scenes of the Midlands and North Wales. He also explored Continental landscapes throughout his career, accomplishing a synthesis of atmosphere and distance in his works.

Bernard Walter Evans was born in Wolverhampton (then in Staffordshire) on 26 December 1843, the eldest of ten children of Walter Swift Evans, a master church furniture maker and engraver, and his wife, Sophia (née Spilsbury). Evans was a cousin of the author, Mary Ann Evans, who published as George Eliot.

Walter Evans was associated with Augustus Pugin, the leading figure in the revival of Gothic architecture and, in 1846, became one of his assistants for the decoration of the Houses of Parliament. It is therefore perhaps through the influence of his father that Bernard began his obsession with art and its practice.

In 1851, Evans and his family were living at 2 Burbury Street, Aston, Warwickshire. However, by 1861, they had moved to 34 Bath Street, Birmingham.

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