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Claude Andrew Calthrop (1844-1893)

Claude Andrew Calthrop (1844-1893)

Claude Calthrop established himself as a history painter, drawing particularly on episodes of the sixteenth to eighteenth centuries. However, he turned increasingly to contemporary life, producing portraits and genre scenes, such as the present work, in a confident realist style. He made a particular speciality of social realist subjects involving seamstresses, comparable to those by his friend, Frank Holl.

Claude Calthrop was born in Deeping St Nicholas, near Spalding, Lincolnshire, on 20 December 1844, the youngest son of James Thompson Calthrop, a farmer and grazier, and his wife, Edna (née Knowles). He was a brother of the celebrated actor, John Clayton (born John Alfred Calthrop), and uncle to John’s son, the painter and illustrator, Dion Clayton Calthrop.

From 1854, Calthrop attended the Merchant Taylors’ School, in the City of London, but, by 1861, had transferred to King’s College School. He then studied art at Lambeth School of Art (under John Sparkes) and the Royal Academy Schools.While at the latter, he won a silver medal for the best drawing from life (December 1864), and a gold medal and a scholarship for £50 for the best historical painting (on a subject from the Book of Job).

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