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William Charles Thomas Dobson RA RWS (1817-1898)

William Charles Thomas Dobson, RA RWS (1817-1898)

W C T Dobson became well known for religious and secular genre scenes that often centred on childhood innocence and purity. Absorbing the influence of the Nazarene school of German painters, he provided a link to Continental art of the day.

W C T Dobson was born in Hamburg on 8 December 1817, the son of John Dobson, an English merchant, who had married in Germany. As the result of financial concerns, the family moved to England in 1826, and Dobson was educated in London. He began his study of art by making drawings of antiquities at the British Museum, and received his earliest lessons from Edward Opie, a nephew of the portrait painter, John Opie. In 1836, he entered the Royal Academy Schools, where he studied, most notably, under Charles Lock Eastlake, who rarely took pupils.

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