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Richard Dey de Ribcowsky (1880-1936)

Richard Dey de Ribcowsky (1880-1936)

An exhaustive painter-traveller who exhibited his work across the world, Richard Dey de Ribcowsky achieved considerable commercial success in his own lifetime by producing dramatic oil paintings of the diverse landscapes of early-twentieth century America. His masterly handling of light was developed through a self-taught technique that he referred to as ‘Reflex Style’.

Richard Dey de Ribcowsky was born in Rustchuk (now known as Ruse), in Bulgaria, on 13 October 1880. At the age of 13, rather than go to military school, de Ribcowsky travelled to Paris to begin his formal artistic training. He would continue his studies in Florence and, in 1902, in Petrograd, where he won his first award for his work. In 1904, he travelled to Argentina, where he founded the Buenos Aires Academy of Beaux-Arts.

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