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Arthur Hacker RA RI RP NEAC (1858-1919)

Arthur Hacker, RA RI RP NEAC (1858-1919)

Arthur Hacker introduced a strong element of French academic realism into British exhibitions of the late nineteenth century, through scenes of historical and religious genre and also portraits. In the first decade of the twentieth century, he changed his approach to produce atmospheric landscapes and townscapes in a Post-Impressionist style. Occasionally, he also painted exquisite still life compositions focussing on flowers.

Arthur Hacker was born at 9 Rochester Road, Camden Town, London, on 25 September 1858, the second son of the line engraver, Edward Hacker, and his wife, Sophia (née Sidney). Studying at the Royal Academy Schools between 1876 and 1880, he first exhibited at the Royal Academy of Arts in 1878, and would then do so regularly. In 1880, he went to Paris, and spent a year in the atelier of the academic portrait painter, Léon Bonnat, alongside Stanhope Forbes, among others.

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