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The Reverend John Louis Petit (1801-1868)

The Reverend John Louis Petit (1801-1868)

John Louis Petit was a notable architectural historian and watercolour painter of the Victorian period. As an artist, he specialised in depicting historic buildings, particularly churches, in order to provide a record and illustrate his writings. He applied his swift, fresh handling – influenced by earlier topographers – to a wide range of subjects, from Manningtree to the Middle East. However, while his watercolours demonstrate a love of Medieval architecture, he became the leading opponent to the revival of the Gothic style for ecclesiastical building and especially where it led to destructive restoration.

John Louis Petit was descended from the Huguenot family of Petit des Etans from Caen in Normandy, and would prove to be its last male representative. He was born in Ashton-under-Lyne, Lancashire, on 31 May 1801, the eldest son of Harriet Petit (née Astley) and the Rev John Hayes Petit, perpetual curate of Shareshill, Staffordshire, and owner of the Ettingshall Estate, in the same county.

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