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Atholl McDonald (born 1961)

Atholl McDonald (born 1961)

Atholl McDonald was asked to illustrate the character of Noddy for BBC Books in 1993, and went on to illustrate over 70 children’s books, mostly featuring licensed characters, including The Animals of Farthing Wood, Bob the Builder, Mr Blobby and the Telly Tubbies.
Enid Blyton’s ‘Noddy’ is one of the most recognisable icons in British culture. ‘Noddy’ began when David White, the managing director of the publishers Sampson Low and Co. was keen to begin a new series of books with Enid Blyton. His aim was to create a popular character for younger children with bright and colourful illustrations. The first book, Noddy Goes to Toyland was published in November 1949, with illustrations by Harmsen van der Beek. Other illustrators of ‘Noddy’ include Robert Tyndall and Mary Cooper.

Atholl McDonald, an identical twin, was born in Queens Park, Glasgow, on 30 January 1961.

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