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Saied Dai RP NEAC (born 1958)

Saied Dai, RP NEAC (born 1958)

The painter and draughtsman, Saied Dai, has described himself as ‘an abstract figurative artist’, reinforcing the understanding that there is essentially no difference between figurative and non-figurative work – and that abstraction is the language common to both.

Saied produces a wide range of subject matter, including figures, interiors, landscapes, townscapes and still life compositions – all with a blend of hard investigative observation, that curiously resolve into atmospheric and poetic imagery. He has said that ‘a work of art is a door, not a mirror’, and that everything he does is essentially a portrait.

Saied’s approach is fundamentally psychological. All the formal elements of language are at the service of articulating and realising this, through the use of geometry and construction – as a form of underlying architecture. His love of geometry and pattern was, he suggests, possibly imbibed from his Persian philosophical heritage, as also perhaps were his reticence and equable temperament. Balance and equilibrium are of paramount importance in his work, in creating stillness and silence, qualities he values and deems more profound.

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