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Tristan Adams (born 1977)

Tristan Adams was born in Seychelles in 1977. He was educated in both Seychelles and England, and has always been creatively minded. For many years he drew cartoons and wrote poetry as well as short stories, but it wasn’t until 2006 that he began to paint whilst on holiday in Mauritius.

Alongside being an active artist, he has worked in hospitality and enjoys being in the air and on the water, having worked as both cabin crew for Air Seychelles and as a fisherman in the region. In 2017 Tristan and Alyssa Adams were commissioned by the Four Seasons Resort to produce a collection of watercolour paintings of Seychelles, and the next year they were both involved in the project of Seychelles tortoise sculptures for the Venice Biennale. Tristan Adams exhibits his watercolour paintings and prints at the Michael Adams gallery, and recently exhibited his work at the World Art Fair in Dubai.

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