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Robert Walker Macbeth RA RWS RE RI (1848-1910)

Robert Walker Macbeth, RA RWS RE RI (1848-1910)

Robert Walker Macbeth began painting with his father, Norman Macbeth, a portrait painter and member of the Royal Scottish Academy. In 1866 he studied at the Scottish Academy Schools and in 1869 sent his first watercolour to the Dudley Gallery in London. A year later he moved to London, set up his own studio, and sent illustrations to the Graphic. From 1871 until his death he exhibited at the Royal Academy; was admitted as an Associate in 1883, and as a Royal Academician in 1903. He became an Associate of the Royal Society of Painters in Water-Colours in 1871, with full membership in 1901. For most of his lifetime he lived in the countryside and painted idealised nostalgic landscapes and rustic views. In 1883, The Portfolio Magazine commented that Mr Macbeth has shown an original vein, especially in the treatment of rustic figures, to which he gives that touch of nobility which lifts them from the commonplace or the sordid into the higher rank of the typical.

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