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Edmund George Warren RI ROI (1834-1909)

Edmund George Warren, RI ROI (1834-1909)

Edmund George Warren was perhaps the best known of all Victorian watercolourists to specialise in arboreal landscapes and woodland scenes. He painted minutely detailed views of shady glades and the forest floor, and delighted in describing the effects of sunlight breaking through the canopy of leaves. He also enjoyed painting harvest scenes in the company of George Vicat Cole.

Edmund George Warren was probably born at Vine Cottage, Thistle Grove, north of the Fulham Road, in London. He was one of at least four sons – and possibly one daughter – of the painter, Henry Warren, to follow in their father’s footsteps. The others were Albert Henry (1830-1911), Bonomi Edward (active 1860-79) and Henry Clifford (born 1843) – and also Fanny C Warren (active 1865-66), who was a member of the Warren household in 1866.

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