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George Herbert Jalland (active 1863-1911)

George Herbert Jalland (active 1888-1910)

Jalland was a black and white artist specialising in equestrian subjects. Working in a free and lively hand, he proved a natural successor to John Leech in depicting the humours of hunting and sport.

He made regular contributions to
Punch (1888-1905), the Illustrated London News (1891-8), the Sporting and Dramatic News (1892), the Pall Mall Magazine, the Graphic (1908) and Fore's Sporting Magazine. He published The Sporting Adventures of Mr Popple (1890) and illustrated a number of other books, including Smith's The Life of a Fox (1896) and Berkeley's Reminiscences of a Huntsman (1897). In 1901, he exhibited drawings on hunting and sport at the Fine Art Society.

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