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Samuel Howitt (1756/57-1822)

Samuel Howitt (1756/57-1822)

Samuel Howitt was self-taught as an artist. However, his enthusiastic approach to his interests in natural history and field sports translated itself into drawings that were at once vigorous and accurate.

Samuel Howitt was born into a wealthy Quaker family of Nottinghamshire origin, who were squires at Chigwell, Essex. He
spent his youth enjoying sporting activities, and turned to art professionally only when he experienced financial difficulties. Moving
closer to London, he took a job as a drawing master at the Rev Samuel Goodenough’s Private Academy in Ealing.

Becoming a member of the artistic circle that included George Morland, John Raphael Smith, Henry Wigstead and Thomas Rowlandson, Howitt married Rowlandson’s sister, Elizabeth, in 1779. Together they had at least one child to survive into adulthood, though they separated long before Samuel died.

By 1783, Howitt had moved into London’s West End, and was establishing himself as a painter and engraver.

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