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Gerald Gardiner RWA (1902-1959)

Gerald Gardiner, RWA (1902-1959)

Though he was born in London, Gerald Gardiner had an intense feeling for nature, which shows throughout his work as a painter, pastel artist, printmaker and illustrator.
Gerald Gardiner was born in London on 17 January 1902. Studying at Beckenham School of Art, under Percy Jowett (1919-23), and the Royal College of Art (1923-27), he exhibited landscapes in oil at the Royal Academy, the New English Art Club and elsewhere, including the provinces. He moved from Farnborough, Kent, to Gloucestershire in 1927, and lived first at Up Hatherley, near Cheltenham, and from 1934 at Lower Nash End, Bisley, Stroud. Employed as second master at Cheltenham School of Art, in charge of the drawing and painting department, he later became Painting Master, a position he retained until his death.
During the Second World War, Gardiner served in the Home Guard, but continued to paint, completing three large murals for the Cheltenham Services Club in 1943. After the war, he made several painting expeditions to Argyll, Scotland.

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