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C A Saltmarsh (active 1872-1875)

C A Saltmarsh (active 1872-75)

C A Saltmarsh provided eight illustrations for Eleanor Grace O’Reilly’s
Doll World or Play and Earnest: A Study from Real Life, which was published by Bell and Daldy in London in 1872. Apart from the Christmas card designs included here, no other works by this artist have been positively identified.

However, it is possible that C A Saltmarsh equates to Mrs Cordelia Agnes Saltmarsh (née Walker) (1842-1884), the wife of a corn factor living in Hornsey in 1881. She was the daughter of the ‘lithographic and general artist’, Edmund Walker, and was herself an art student in London at the time of the 1861 Census. Paintings exist of Mrs Saltmarsh and two of her children that are not dissimilar in style to C A Saltmarsh’s work as an illustrator, and may be by her or another member of her family, as two of her sisters also studied art.

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