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Sir Henry Rushbury RA RWS RE (1889-1968)

Sir Henry George Rushbury, RA VPRWS RE HonRIBA NEAC (1889-1968)

A painter, draughtsman and printmaker, Henry Rushbury was one of the finest artists of the twentieth century to specialise in architectural and other topographical subjects. He had a great ability to capture the spirit as well as the appearance of a place through the use of light and shade and the introduction of elements of everyday life.

Henry Rushbury was born in Harborne, then a village in Staffordshire (now an area of southwest Birmingham), on 28 October 1889, the younger son of the clerk, George Norbury Rushbury, and his wife, Naomi (née Fennell). According to S C Hutchison, his father, ‘when unsuccessfully job-hunting’, used to take him ‘on visits to churches and other old buildings, thereby ... kindling ... a lifelong and essential interest in immediate surroundings’ (
Oxford Dictionary of National Biography).

At the age of 13, Rushbury gained a scholarship to Birmingham School of Art, where he first studied gold and silversmithing, and later turned to stained-glass design and mural decoration.

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