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John Goodchild (1898-1980)

John Charles Goodchild (1898-1980)

Born and partly educated in London, John Goodchild achieved great success in Australia as an artist and teacher. He remains best known as a painter, printmaker, illustrator and poster designer of landscape subjects.

John Goodchild was born in Southwark, London, on 30 March 1898, the fourth of nine children of the journeyman lead-glazier, John Goodchild, and his wife, Jessie (née White). He was educated at the Strand School, based at King’s College, as the result of a scholarship. In 1913, he and his family emigrated to Australia, and settled in Adelaide, South Australia. During his teens, he worked at several jobs, including one in a bakery and another as a sign writer.

In 1917, Goodchild joined the Australian Imperial Force.

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