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Adrian Allinson RBA ROI LG PS (1890-1959)

Adrian Paul Allinson, RBA ROI LG PS (1890-1959)

One of the hugely talented generation of artists to emerge just before the First World War, Adrian Allinson managed to hold his own through both his personality and his work. He became best known as a painter of strongly modelled, appealingly stylised landscapes, figure compositions and flowers. However, his manifold talents encompassed sculpture, wood carving and pottery; wood engraving, poster design and set design; and, as here, distinctive caricatures.

Adrian Allinson was born Alfred Pulvermacher Allinson at 4 Spanish Place, Manchester Square, London, on 9 January 1890, the eldest of the five children of the physician and surgeon, Thomas Richard Allinson, and the Jewish German-born portrait painter, Hannah (née Pulvermacher).

Thomas Allinson was considered a radical figure and, in 1892, was both struck off the medical register for advocacy of vegetarianism and expelled from the Vegetarian Society for his views on birth control. In the same year, he founded the Natural Food Company and bought a stone grinding mill in Bethnal Green to produce wholemeal bread, which he had long argued was healthier than white bread. Wholemeal bread is still produced under the Allinson name.

From an early age, Adrian Allinson had opportunities to travel, and was encouraged by his artist mother to develop his interests in painting, music and languages.

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