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"Awfully Arrayed" "Goering: What's the Idea of the Fancy Costume Adolf?" "Hitler: Merely to Be Prepared, I Committed My Chief Crime In Austria: I Was Born There." [the Moscow Conference Has Agreed That War Criminals so Far as Is Possible, Must Be Sent For Trial to the Countries Where Their Crimes Were Committed]

Sir Bernard Partridge (1861-1945)


Signed and inscribed with title and publication details

Ink sketch, 13 1/2 x 10 1/4 inches on reverse entitled:
'The Mussolini Muzzle
The dictator of Spain: that Italian silencer I've tried on him doesn't seem to have much effect on his hind legs.'


13 ½ x 10 ¼ inches

Punch, 10 November 1943, page 397

'The Illustrators. The British Art of Illustration 1800 - 2002', Chris Beetles Gallery, London, November 2001, no 100

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