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Tall Story

Fougasse (Cyril Kenneth Bird) (1887-1965)



2 x 3 ¼ inches

Punch, 3 July 1963, page 1


A house for sale is advertised as being in the 'Surrey Highlands'. the hint of Ghillies and Fhairson swearing a feud is a bit romantic for a county whose highest hill (Leith) is only just over 1,000 feet if you count the tower at the top but it is better founded than an estate agent's lure I once saw - 'The Essex Highlands'; top people there are about four hundred feet above sea-level. Another Surrey builder's inducement, to a colony near Box Hill, was 'Live on the Roof of the World'. This breeds the sort of confusion that prompted the ballad-writer's query 'Ye highlands and ye lowlands, O where hae ye been?'

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