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John Gross Keeping Up with the Jeunesse d'oré

Marc (Mark Boxer) (1931-1988)


Signed and inscribed with title

Pen and ink

11 ½ x 8 ¼ inches

The Spectator, 15 January 2011, 'The man who read everything: John Gross (1935-2011)' by Craig Brown;
Wall Street Journal, 15 January 2011, 'A Tonic, Humane and Civilising Force' [obituary of John Gross], by Roger Kimball

'The Illustrators. The British Art of Illustration 1894-2020', Chris Beetles Gallery, November 2020-January 2021, No 171

John Gross Keeping Up with the Jeunesse d’oré

The son of East European Jewish immigrants, John Gross (1935-2011) graduated from Oxford and Princeton, and rose to become a fellow of King’s College, Cambridge, editor of
The Times Literary Supplement (1974-81), senior book editor of The New York Times (1983-89) and theatre critic of the Daily Telegraph (1989-2005). His works as an author include The Rise and Fall of the Man of Letters (which won the Duff Cooper Prize for 1969), while The New Oxford Book of English Prose (1998) is among the best-loved of his anthologies. Though known for his modesty, he was much praised by colleagues and others, and described in obituaries as ‘the best-read man in Britain’. The title of Mark Boxer’s portrait – which illustrated some of those obituaries – hints at the breadth of his knowledge and acquaintance.

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