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Marc (Mark Boxer) (1931-1988)

Charles Mark Edward Boxer (1931-1988), known as ‘Marc’ and ‘Mark Boxer’

As one of the greatest caricaturists of the twentieth century, Mark Boxer satirised the country’s social elite – a world of beautiful, fashionable, metropolitan figures which he himself was very much a part. Equally adept as a social cartoonist, he effectively captured the lives of the upper-middle classes, continuing this great tradition from the likes of Pont and Osbert Lancaster.

Charles Mark Edward Boxer was born in Berkhamsted, Hertfordshire, on 19 May 1931. The son of Steven Boxer, an army officer, he was educated at Berkhamsted School. In 1950, he went to study at King’s College, Cambridge, becoming editor of the undergraduate magazine,
Granta, in 1952. It was here that Boxer first discovered a talent for cartooning, submitting a few cartoons successfully to Punch as well as publishing them in Granta.

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