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Saied Dai (born 1958)


Signed with monogram
Signed, signed with monogram and dated 2017

Oil on linen

24 x 30 inches

New English Art Club Annual Exhibition, Mall Galleries, June 2018

This depiction of a fishmonger’s stall is a masterly exploration of perspective, and more generally of space. The representation of depth is complicated and enriched by the many objects, including bowls and boards, presented at different angles, most of which are intended to display the fish. At once dynamic and controlled, the result entices and entertains the eye. Given that it is so beautifully observed, it may come as a surprise to know that Saied Dai did not base it on a specific place or encounter. Rather, it exemplifies his ability to employ assured draughtsmanship to develop a convincing imaginative composition out of more general experience.