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View from Whitehall Place

Fougasse (Cyril Kenneth Bird) (1887-1965)



2 x 3 inches

Punch, 2 February 1955, page 161

'The Illustrators: The British Art of Illustration 1831-2023', Chris Beetles Gallery, London, November-December 2023, no 59

An informed public is an integer of democracy, as many a by-election candidate wishes he had thought of saying, and the Minister of Agriculture and fFsheries, in last month's press release to farmers, showed himself well aware of it:
'weather. the first half of the month has been cold, and frosts frequent and widespread. there were heavy snowfalls in most districts, particularly in the south-west where many roads were impassable. a thaw brought some flooding, but temperatures fell again with further snow. there was some fog around towns'

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