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The Bandstand, Dover

Randolph Schwabe (1885-1948)


Signed and dated 1924

Watercolour and pencil with bodycolour

12 ½ x 15 ½ inches

'Chris Beetles Summer Show 2024', Chris Beetles Gallery, London, June-September 2024, no 115

Badly damaged during WW1, Schwabe depicts the recently renovated bandstand in Granville Gardens, on the sea front at Dover. During the interwar period the bandstand, gardens and library became a popular venue but this was sadly short-lived when, during the second world war, a barrage balloon was erected in the gardens and the area became an obvious target for enemy aircraft. As a result, the Grand Hotel (on the right) and the sweeping Camden Crescent (to the left) were badly damaged on multiple occasions. The area was then redeveloped in the late 1950s, Granville Gardens were re-laid as public gardens but without a bandstand.

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