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Dwellers in the Desert

Henry Moore (1831-1895)


Signed, inscribed 'Cairo' and dated 1874
Inscribed 'hoopoes, a sketch from Luxr, Egypt' and with artist's address on a label on the frame

Oil on canvas

11 x 21 inches

The Academy, 31 October 1874, Page 492;
The Architect, 7 November 1874, Page 241

Dudley Gallery, Winter 1874, No 149;
'Chris Beetles Summer Show', Chris Beetles Show, London, 2018, No 62

In 1873, Henry Moore travelled to Egypt with his brother-in-law, Edward Bollans. The crossings between Marseilles and Alexandria provided him with opportunities to make studies of the Mediterranean, which resulted in two characteristic paintings: 'The Calm Mediterranean' (whereabouts unknown) and 'Rough Weather in the Mediterranean' (Blackburn Museum and Art Gallery, 1874). However, the trip also inspired more unusual compositions, including the present work, depicting an Egyptian observing a hoopoe while resting in the shade.

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