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Henry Moore RA RBA RWS (1831-1895)

Henry Moore, RA RBA RWS (1831-1895)

A member of a distinguished family of Yorkshire artists, Henry Moore rose to become one of the best marine painters of his day. Working in both oil and watercolour, he treated the sea ‘as a subject sufficient in itself, rather than simply the background of a battle, shipwreck, or even landscape’ (Francis John MacLean, Henry Moore RA, 1905, page 2).

Henry Moore was born at 14 Castlegate, York, on 7 March 1831, the tenth of fourteen children of the portrait painter, William Moore, and the second son by his second wife, Sarah Collingham. Four of his brothers were artists: Edwin Moore, William Moore Jr, John Collingham Moore and, most notably, the youngest, Albert Moore, a leading painter of the Aesthetic Movement.

Henry Moore studied under his father before attending York School of Design, from 1851. Two years later, in 1853, he moved to London, where he joined his brother, John, in lodgings near Oxford Street, and began to exhibit at the Royal Academy, even before he entered the Royal Academy Schools at the end of the year. Indeed, while he remained at the RA Schools for only a few months, he continued to exhibit at the RA almost annually.

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