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Elberry Cove, Devon

Charles Knight (1901-1990)


Inscribed with title on old mount

Monochrome watercolour with bodycolour on tinted paper

10 ½ x 15 inches

The Artist's Family

'More Than a Touch of Poetry' Landscapes by Charles Knight RWS ROI (1901-1990), Chris Beetles Gallery, London, June 1997, no 74;
'Recording Britain: the Twentieth Century Landscape', Chris Beetles Gallery, London, February 2008, no 116

The small pebble beach of Elberry Cove is close to Paignton and still only accessible by foot.

The building at the end of the beach is Lord Churston’s bath house. Once consisting of three storeys and a thatched roof, it had a ground floor that would flood when the tide came in. Lord Churston and his guests could then swim straight out to sea through a gated doorway. The building also had an early version of a hot tub, with a fire heating up the seawater to warm bathers after their swim.

Close to Agatha Christie’s home, Greenway, Elberry Cove was not only one of her favourite bathing spots. but features in one of her novels, The ABC Murders, as the setting of Sir Carmichael Clarke’s untimely death.

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