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Dennis Flanders RWS RBA (1915-1994)

Denis Flanders, RWS RBA (1915-1994)

Dennis Flanders was born on 2 July 1915 and educated at Merchant Taylor’s School. While working for the interior decorator Maurice Adams, he took evening classes at the Central School and considered training as an architect. However, the sight of work by Muirhead Bone, reproduced in a shop window, in 1936, encouraged him in the direction of topographical draughtsmanship. In the following year, he began his career as a freelance artist with contributions to the
Daily Telegraph. During his time with the St Paul’s Watch at the outbreak of the Second World War, Flanders produced many images of London, a large number of which are now in the possession of the Imperial War Museum. Joining the Royal Engineers in 1942, he was stationed in Ripon, so that, on demobilization, he joined the Yorkshire Post. He has also produced drawings for the Birmingham Post, The Sunday Times (1952-3) and the Illustrated London News (1956-64). In 1984 he published Dennis Flanders’ Britannia, The result of over thirty years of topographical drawing in Britain. An exhibitor at the Royal Academy and elsewhere, he was elected Master of the Art Workers’ Guild for 1975. Dennis Flanders died in 1994.

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