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Harold Swanwick RI ROI RCamA (1866-1929)

Harold Swanwick was among the elite of late 19th and early 20th century agricultural landscape painters; he expressed a deep empathy with his subjects and had a nuanced eye for context.

(Joseph) Harold Swanwick was born on 30th January 1866 at Clive, Middlewich, Cheshire, the son of doctor turned farmer Joseph Powell Swanwick and his wife Eliza Harriette, née Pritchard. From his father, Harold inherited a love of art and Swanwick Senior encouraged him to become an artist.

In 1883, at the age of seventeen, Harold Swanwick began his art training at the South Liverpool School of Art, winning prizes in every year that he was there (1883-86). Following a year of travel, he did a one-year postgraduate course at the Slade School of Fine Art and also received further lessons in London from the Principal of Westminster School of Art, Fred Brown. At the Slade he was taught by Alphonse Legros, a friend of Manet. This connection with France was taken further during 1890-92 when Harold Swanwick was a student at the Académie Julian in Paris, where he shared digs with Fred Pegram near the Moulin Rouge.

He was already an exhibitor at the Royal Academy Annual Exhibition, the first work in 1889 being ‘A Sower’, and over the next 37 years he showed a total of 30 works there.

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