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George Loraine Stampa (1875-1951)

George Loraine Stampa (1875-1951)

Contributing to Punch from 1894, G L Stampa worked in the tradition of Charles Keene and Phil May, sharing their preference for the London streets, and making his name with cartoons and illustrations of urchins and their animal counterparts, mongrel dogs.

G L Stampa was born in Constantinople on 29 November 1875. His father, of Franco-Italian descent, was architect to the Sultan Abdul Hamid, and he was forced into leaving Turkey with his family by the political uprising of 1878. As a result, Stampa grew up at his mother’s former family home at Battlebarrow House, Appleby, in Westmoreland. He was educated at the local grammar school and, from the age of 11, at Bedford Modern School. He studied art at Heatherley’s (1892-93) and, as a contemporary of Heath Robinson and Lewis Baumer, at the Royal Academy Schools (1893-95).

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