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Glen Baxter (born 1944)

Glen Baxter (born 1944)

The son of a welder, Glen Baxter was born in Leeds on 4 March 1944. He studied painting and lithography at Leeds School of Art (1960-5), and then taught in schools in London and Norwich (1967-74), and part-time at Goldsmiths’ College (1974-86). His poems and short stories were first published in 1970 in the New York magazine Adventures in Poetry, while his illustrative work first appeared later in the nineteen-seventies. His work is based on the style of much English c��hildren’s illustration of the thirties and forties, especially of stories of school and adventure, adapted to create a quietly surreal mismatch of image and caption. He has published several books in England and the United States, and has contributed to London, New Yorker, the Observer magazine, Het Parool and Globe Hebdo. His drawings are also widely available as greetings cards, and have been exhibited extensively in London and abroad. In 1997, the Chris Beetles Gallery hosted the launch of Glen Baxter’s Gourmet Guide.

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