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Nick Newman (born 1958)

Nick Newman (born 1958)

Nick Newman was born on 17 July 1958 in Kuala Lumpur. The son of an RAF officer, Newman attended the boarding school, Ardingly College, in Sussex. His career in satire began at school working on revues with Ian Hislop, who was two years younger than himself, and later at Oxford University handed his creation
Passing Wind magazine onto Hislop when Newman graduated. His relationship with Hislop continued into the 1990s when they worked together on Spitting Image, and co-wrote two Murder Most Horrid episodes and the 2003 children’s series My Dad’s the Prime Minister for BBC. Newman’s television credits have also included sketches for ITV’s The Harry Enfield Show, and the creation of one of its most memorable characters – Tim Nice-But-Dim.
Newman’s cartooning career was launched in 1981, when he began to work regularly for
Private Eye, and since 1989 he has been a pocket cartoonist for The Sunday Times. His cartoons and strips have appeared in many other publications including Punch and the Spectator. The Cartoon Art Trust voted him Pocket Cartoonist of the Year (1997) and Gag Cartoonist of the Year (1998).

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