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Edmund Blampied RBA RE (1886-1966)

Edmund Blampied, RBA RE (1886-1966)

Edmund Blampied is one of the most significant artists to have hailed from the Channel Islands. Greatly versatile, he worked as a painter, illustrator, and occasional sculptor, though is best remembered as a printmaker and, especially, an etcher. Having been born on a farm, he produced some particularly evocative etchings of agricultural and peasant subjects. Their fluidity of line, strong sense of humanity and Gallic humour suggest a kinship with Daumier and Gavarni.

Edmund Blampied was born on a farm in the Parish of St Martin, Jersey, on 30 March 1886, the youngest of four sons of John and Elizabeth Blampied. His father died five days before he was born, and his mother brought up the family, working as a dressmaker and shopkeeper in the Parish of Trinity.

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