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John Edmund Buckley (1820-1884)

John Edmund Buckley (1820-1884)

Working as a watercolourist of landscapes and architectural scenes with figures, John Edmund Buckley developed a speciality for historical and literary subjects, especially of the Tudor and Stuart periods.

John Edmund Buckley is probably one of a family of Irish artists, who migrated from Cork to London, and may be equated with the John Buckley who was working in Cork in 1835 as a miniaturist, portrait and landscape painter. Living with Charles Frederick Buckley, at 17 King William Street, in the City, in 1843, he began to exhibit at the Society of British Artists in the same year. He continued to do so intermittently until 1861, moving at least three times during that period: to Newman Street, in what was then the heart of the artistic quarter, north of Oxford Street (1846); 7 Rathbone Place, which runs parallel with Newman Street (1852); and 16 College Place, further north in Camden Town (1861). Dated works suggest that he painted until at least 1879.

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